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You can use avatars in your profile and photos in your post on this forum.  Avatars are limited to 65 X 65 100 X 100 pixels. You add an avatar from your profile.  If you attempt to add a photo larger than 65 X 65 100 X 100, the system will not accept it.

Photos may be added in the body of your post.  They are limited to 640 X 480.  Please resize all photos before attempting to insert into your message. If the photo is larger, it will not indicate an error, just won't show your photo.



One quick note, if the avatar or photo is larger than the stated sizes, it just will not appear.  You will not get an error message.  The system is designed to just not display anything bigger than the limits.  We've placed these limits on sizes as large photos take quite a long time to download for our dial-up users. 


I was just noticing that I didn't state that we don't allow photos to be uploaded directly to the forum.  Like most forums, you can use the [img] tag and use one of the many photo hosting sites.  Here are a few that I know folks have used:


Sony Imagestation


Image Thrust (Use with caution - has pop-up ads)

Some of these have storage limits and some don't.  Lots of members have all three and more.

If you have trouble posting pics or avatars, feel free to PM one of the moderators or myself.  We would be glad to help.

how many photos per post?  maybe i seen it some were but cant remember?

No limit, just remember some of our members are on dial-up so use some discretion.  Post count means nothing here so it's better to split 10 pics up into two post instead of putting all 10 in one post.  As long as everyone keeps that in mind we won't have to activate any kind of limit.

We like pictures.  :goofy:


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