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Is there a form?

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I wonder if there is a form or something that is the approved investigative log?  I may have to go in search of that but meantime there is no reason why you can't use a spiral notebook.  Some basic information you would need to record would be the location, date and time, weather conditions and team members.  You would need to record what each team member is responsible for during the course of the investigation and jot down any notes that might be pertinent.

I know there are some experts out there that know exactly how this should be done.


I have a 3 page form that i use on my "hunts".  It has places to list equipment used,type of equipment(i.e. digital,standard or infrared),investigators present,time,weather conditions,location,etc.  It has places to record phenomina witnessed,by who and what time.  The final page is a summary of the investigation.  If i scan you a copy,where could I send it? 


Sounds like just what I was looking for.  You can email it to Dianna or I can PM you my email.  Either way will work. 


I too have a form. It might need to be revised a little. You can check it out when you come down next week or I will email it to you.

Outstanding. We may be able to take from both and come up with our own. Those of you that have been on formal investigations probably know exactly what is needed.

No need to email it.  We will take a look at it next weekend.


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