Author Topic: The Bulb Bed is Completed, YAHOO!  (Read 715 times)

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The Bulb Bed is Completed, YAHOO!
« on: Jun 22, 2008, 06:36:55 AM »
I can't believe the foundation plantings are done.  But they are.

There is gladiolus, Irises, Daffodils, Tulips, hycinth, mums, blackberry lilies, ditch lilies and portulaca in there.  That should cover spring until fall next year.  I'm so looking forward to it.  Can't wait really.  I know I'll be doing some major moving of things around in that bed come next year but that's the fun of gardening lol.

Now I need to prioritize the rest of the work I can do without any money lol.

Here is the list of things I want/need to do can someone help me put them in the best order please?

Mow Lawn it's getting tall, Cutting down dead tree close to house, Collecting leaves to put in the compost pile and on the sidewalk flower bed I am preparing for next year.  Weeding the tree bed, raking the rocks out of the lawn (or should I say dirt that would be lawn if the rocks weren't there?), Select cut the trees that need 6 months to cure before they can be used as firewood, clear the trees off of the drain field.  Enlarge the veggie bed by getting all the weeds out of that area.  Get the weeds off of the driveway blacktop.  they are making cracks in it.  Just a few but that's the way it starts right?  Clear the weeds growing up next to the shed walls, finish weeding the walkway.  Weed the tree bed.  Direct plant the purple zinnias in the tree bed.  Allocate an area and mark it for the dahlia seeds, prep soil and plant the seeds.  Rake the gravel out of the grass beside the shed.  Rake the gravel out of the sidewalk and clean the dead grass out of it.