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Cabinet Rehab Suggestions needed


I'm going to try another rehab project.  My under counter cabinets have no shelves so it's 34 inches of vertical space.  Most of it is wasted with stuff piled on top of stuff so I always have to dig to find what I want.  I'm thinking 1/2 depth shelves about 1/2 the height of the cabinet.  I've got 2x2's , 1x4's and half of a 3/4 inch plywood sheet  I want to do at least two of the cabinets leaving one full height for the stew pot. 

bayou girl:
sounds like you have a good plan tammy.  just do a lot of playing with it on paper first so you don't waste the wood when you do cut it.

I'm so chicken to start.  I think I will wait until I can get a different type of saw.  The jig saw just doesn't go straight over a long cut.

Tommy came over and saved me.  I love having two levels in the lower cabinets.  Of course they are both full already. lol

I'm going to have to see how Tommy did that.  I want to do one on the other side.  Just behind one set of doors.  It's always something isn't it.


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