Author Topic: Is your spoon male or female?!  (Read 433 times)

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Is your spoon male or female?!
« on: Feb 15, 2017, 08:54:23 PM »
first the background on the joke.  felicia and i like to look at cookbooks while we are puttering at work.  when they are donated, or whatever.

so she asked me today "did you know that spoons have a gender?"

 then she handed me the cookbook and showed me the line. it said "stir well using the male spoon (the one without a hole) as the female spoon (the one with holes) is not stiff enough"

Then we were talking about me making some fudge tonight and she asked if i was using a male spoon or a female spoon.  I replied "neither. I'm using a spatula".  and she said "Oh, a hermaphrodite! Neither male nor female!"
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Re: Is your spoon male or female?!
« Reply #1 on: Feb 15, 2017, 11:21:13 PM »
Funny stuff. It's so good that you have those days at work.
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Re: Is your spoon male or female?!
« Reply #2 on: Feb 16, 2017, 08:08:35 AM »
 :laughmao: :rofl1: :laughmao:
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