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Hurricane Florence

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It's been dark outside all day today.  We've had some wind since early this morning then around 4PM it got pitch black and started raining but the rain hasn't been bad and it's lighter now at 7:20 PM than it was earlier today.  It looks appropriate for the time out there right now and on one side of the house the sky is sort of clear.  The local weather man keeps saying "oh it's coming" but I'm not sure if he's just being dramatic or if we're going to be blown off the map.

We have friends who stayed in Myrtle Beach, after being advised not too, but they still have power and say it's not bad at all.  We haven't heard from our friends in Wilmington since early this morning when their power went out.  TV is showing pictures of Wilmington underwater with dolphins swimming in the street and I'm hoping they got to higher ground.  She  has a brother and sister and friends living here so there was no reason for her to stay there.   Not sure why people do what they do. 

bayou girl:
i'm glad to hear from everyone.  all i have heard from outside of here have been fine, but the photos coming out are scary.  we will see rain tomorrow, and we got a good bit of wind today, but overall, nothing to write home about.

Glad everyone is staying on top of things and checking in while you still can. Makes me feel better anyhow.

Raining and raining and raining some more.  Wind is coming and going.

Steady rain and wind today.  We've had about 1.55 inches of rain.  Thankfully the wind hasn't been bad.  It's been steady but haven't seen the high gusts they were predicting.  The storm is definitely moving slow.  About 2 mph at last report.  That will put it here about 8PM tonight.  Hopefully it will be downgraded to a tropical depression by then and the winds won't be bad.  We are still on the "good" side of the storm, if there is really one of those.


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