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Hurricane Florence

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bayou girl:

--- Quote from: Jim on Sep 13, 2018, 08:47:12 AM ---...Anyway we are about as ready as we can be and will be glad when it is over.

--- End quote ---
that sounds like us jim.  work is closed tomorrow (jumped the gun) and it's a 50/50 split on if they are closing saturday.  i'm half hoping.  i'm glad you started this.  even though i'm not in the cone at all right now, i'm waiting to see, and i know we will get the rain. we always do.

Everyone just keep watching and stay on top of things. I'll be praying you all stay safe.

Winds have picked up with a few gust.  Wind speeds now are about 11mph with average gust at 15.9mph.  It's going to get worse.  No rain so far.  It looks like we might not get the rain totals that were first forecast.  It's been all over, kind of like the forecasts  have been.  Last I heard, if the storm center stays as far north as they are predicting now, we will get 4-6 inches.  If it comes south before it turns west, we will get 9-12 inches as the heavy rains are mostly on the north east side of the storm.

Here's a link to my weather station if you are interested in what is going on till the power goes out.

I missed this yesterday. I'm glad you are on it, Jim.

Rain is here and the winds have picked up.  Had a 32 mph gust just a bit ago.  Aunt Bonnie and Dianna are sitting on the porch smoking and watching the storm.  Forecast now says we could get 8-15 inches of rain.  I don't mind the rain so much but the wind makes me nervous. 

Anyway so far so good.  We still have power and have all taken a shower so we are good to go for a little while.

Hope Sheri and Johnny are making out ok. 


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