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My Files #2

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Removed the link in my signature and both the My Files topic posted links now redirect to my about page.

This is to prevent search bots following and indexing the my files page, eventually.

My Files page is still available, see the sentence/paragraph about the early 2000's computer, then click the "this page" link.

Click the globe under username, then click About top of page.

Scratch that in above post, not going to worry about it, link to the page is back in my signature.

Sorry, my files or programs are no longer available, simply not doing this anymore.

My files returned, if interested see the first post.

If the download link redirects to the screenshot image, its temporarily not available.

All files are As Is and will remain this way.

What better time to continue with my files (programs). Besides it gives me something else to do anyway.

Always see the 1st post in this topic. Screenshots no longer exist.


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