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Trojan Horse Warning from Microsoft - it's a scam!

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I just got this the other day a warning from Microsoft popped up on my computer.  It said to call this number 1-(844)293-1825 this is a scam, DON'T DO IT.  The guy got so upset with me he finally asked me how much I had in my checking account.  Took me long enough to figure it out.  I have Norton 360 with LifeLock but I still don't feel secure. I've reported it to the FBI cybercrimes.  Good luck staying safe.

Did they sound indian (from India)?

If so, yep lots of those.

Edit: never call, or if they call, hang up without saying anything.

Yeah, it's amazing that there are people still trying these scams.  I get 2 or 3 calls a week from a so-called DirecTV rep saying that my account qualifies me for a 50% reduction in the bill.  Of course it comes with at least a $50 a month increase and then they ask you to pay with a gift card.  Of course it's a scam with lots of info on the internet about it, but they still try.

Johnny's gotten 2 calls lately with a guy saying he's from Duke Power (our power company) and that our bill is past due and our power is being cut off in 1 hour if we don't pay a certain amount "right now."  The first time he just hung up.  The 2nd time he went along with the guy but said he didn't have a credit or debit card.  They guy told him he could meet him in person and would take cash.  Do people really fall for this???

well yeah I'm gullible.


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