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What is this board for?

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This is where we can discuss tips and tricks for keeping your computer running clean and in tip-top condition.  This will also be the board to ask technical questions about computers and software as well as to let other members know about good experiences and bad experiences with computers and software.

When using this board, please don't go off topic.  If you have a question or problem you would like addressed, start a new topic and hopefully one of our members can help with it.

Hey, Jim, this sounds like a good idea  :idea: and something I could use.  Unfortunately, I'm not one of the members who can be of much help, just one who needs it! ;)

When I ran Ad Ware it said target families detected on this computer. What's that mean? Trent has been on the puter all week.


--- Quote ---Target families detected on this system is used on the scan summary screen to sort and group items detected during a scan. This groups related items into a common group called a target family. For example during a scan it may detect numerous tracking cookies. To help you quickly select items to delete on the scan summary screen there will be one top level box called Tracking Cookie, putting a check mark in this box will inform ad-aware to act on all the items in this family (the number of individual items is shown in brackets), you can expand the contents of the family by clicking on the plus sign.
--- End quote ---

Just think of a target family as a group of related items and checking the box will select all the items in that family in one go rather than having to select multiple single items.

Well, that simplifies it, even for a dummy like me. Thanks a bunch Wrennie.


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