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Anyone having problems with notifications

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I'm just wondering if anyone is having problems getting to this site to respond to their e-mail notification of a post.  I can't seem to get here by clicking on the site link from my e-mail account.  I keep getting a message saying, "The message you selected could not be found.  It may have been moved or deleted.  Please click the folder again to refresh the view."  Clicking the folder again doesn't work and I thought maybe it would clear up after everyone here had passed the "midnight hour", but it's still doing it.  :ScratchHead:   :dunno:


Patti, I moved your question here as this is where the help topics belong.  I just checked and you have 13 pages of notifications.  Please go through there and delete any that are no longer pertinent. 

Next time you get a notification that doesn't work, please post the link so i can take a look at it.  It's very difficult for me to troubleshoot a problem without the basic information.

Also, remember, that sometimes topics get deleted.....

(Like birthday topics, just "nice day" topics, and such....)

Your notifications won't work on the topics that are deleted.

Dianna, these are all current topics that I had posted in and they are still going on right now!  There was one or two New Year ones and the PM I got from Patty did the same thing.  :dunno: 

Patti, you have 13 PAGES of notifications to topics that really aren't that current. The "Get Elfed Or Scrooged" that was started by me on December 12, is an example...

It hasn't been deleted, but I wouldn't call that current. It is on the second page of General Discussions. (13th topic)...

Please, delete some of the notifications that are no longer "in the now" and you won't have any problems keeping up, even with dial-up... ;)


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