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Do you really need equipment?

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Well, I found the site I mentioned in a previous post.  The prices seem very reasonable and the selection of basic equipment is really good.  Here's the link and you can decide for yourself.


If an open mind could be considered as equipment, then I think that would be one of the most important things to have on an investigation.

thats a cool link jim,lots of neat stuff in it, i found a link in it for gettysburg. thats not to far from me an hours or so drive? havta ask the hub show far
they do a workshop lesson for people bout using equipment n stuff, its called the showdow project gettysburg, they also have one for neworleans n virgina

wonder if i can talk my aunt in to going this spring or summer for a trainee day  :Whis:

Great link Christy.  That trainee course looks interesting.  I would love to visit Gettysburg.  I'm a Civil War buff too.

Basic equipment can mean lots of things to different folks.  Here's what I would consider some basic equipment:

1)  Camera - digital is fine, preferably 5 megapixel or better.  This is because you will be enlarging the shots to take better looks at any anomalies.  Also shooting on the highest quality setting is recommended.

2)  Thermometer - Infrared is good but not required.  This helps you identify the cold spots.  You can get one of the cheaper wired ones that has a probe that you are supposed to put outside.  Get a telescoping paint handle, tape the probe to the end and you can still scan a room without having to walk into every corner.

3)  Flashlight - doesn't hurt to have several.  Even the kind that crank up are good as you don't have to worry about batteries.

4)  Tape recorder or digital voice recorder -  The micro-cassette or mini-cassette work fine.  Try to get an external microphone if at all possible.

See, not much equipment at all.  You don't have to have all the fancy stuff like the folks on Ghost Hunters (TAPS) have.

? Can you hear the spirit voices on a regular tape recorder without some sort of equipment to amplify it or block out white noise?


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