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News - Select your post color - No longer an option [Sept 19 2008]

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For those of you that like to add a little color to your post, (I did this for Patty) you now have the option in your profile to select a color for all your activity.

To change it go to:

Profile > Look and Layout Preferences

The last item on the page says "Enter the desired color for your post"

Pick one of the 14 supported colors: black, red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, blue, beige, brown, teal, navy, maroon, lime green.

Click on and the "Enter the desired..." will change to the color you selected.  This serves as a preview.

All your posts as well as PMs will now use that as the text color.

Let me know if there are any questions.

NOTE: The color you select will not show up in the preview but will be there when you post it.

Hey, Jim, this sounds really neat!  :Wow:  Is this one of the changes you were talking about for the new year?   :ScratchHead:

Very cool, Jim!! Thanks for all you do for us! This is a very cool idea! :ThumbUp:

Yay! I like color! I was just to lazy to edit in colors for each post before. Thanks Jim!

Yep, sure is Patti.  Just small, changes like this will be coming quite frequently.  I'm thinking the next version of SMF will be out in about 6 to 8 months.  It is in beta 2 now but I will not put beta software on our site.  Too many bugs to deal with.

Glad you folks like this addition.  :yay_jump:


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