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News - Select your post color - No longer an option [Sept 19 2008]

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UPDATE: Now you can select your color by typing in the hex number for the color.  This gives you lots more shades and some really neat colors other than the 14 I stated in the first post of this thread.

When entering the hex number you must enter the "#" in front of the 6 characters.

Here's what one looks like. #5C246E is the hex color code for ultra marine violet (a really dark purple).

Here's a really great site to find the color you want.

Well that is cool too.  I choose a color called celtics which should be a darker green than the basic one...

Well, it seems this option is conflicting with some other additions I want to make on the board.  At this point I haven't been able to make them work together so this change may have to be reversed and everyone return to the boring old black for the post color.  I'll let you know for sure if I have to take this mod out.

I have removed this modification as of this morning so everyone is back to the dull black for the post text.  Of course you can change that in your post if you want to as Patty S used to do before this option was added.  Once the holiday season is over, I may reinstall this and I may not.  Sorry to have to remove it for now.


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