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I love my AV's...

I am worried about some of the leaves turning yellow, though. Is this the right time of the year to fertilize or do I need to wait?


Patty S:

Dianne, those are loverly!!

I'm just guessing, but I think yellow leaves might mean too much light. Actually, Triss is the one who might be able to help you with that... she has lots of awesome AV's!

I have ONE lonely little AV that was given to me by the same person who got Triss started on hers, & it bloomed for me only one time. Maybe Triss can tell me how to make it do that again.... (I'm all ears, Triss!)

Darn, Patty! I thought light is what got them to bloom. I have had mine under a light for awhile.... :o

I am wondering if it is hungry? Needs fertilized, maybe? I will get it out from under the lights, though. They may be getting too much light now....

Thanks for your input....

Patty S:
Hmmm... I think the deal is that they like subdued light. (All I know is that mine is in fairly low light & hasn't died yet!)

You might be right, that they're getting "too much" light... you already have the flowers, so maybe you should back it off a little, & let them rest. (If I'm not mistaken, I think they DO need a rest period.)

I'm not sure about the fertilizer part. I don't "feed" mine every time I water them, & I think it was Triss who told me that she forgets half the time too, & her plants don't seem to be mad at her!

I think you hit the nail on the head, Patty!

When Jim installed some grow lights for me, I thought the AV's could benefit from the extra light. I moved them...

Will the leaves green back up or do I need to go ahead and (gulp) get rid of them?


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