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Fat Tam:
As you know from my first post my sister is a psychic, one of the first things she told Georgie and I about when she visited was the "window" . Now, I do not mean the one made of glass that looks straight out to your front garden. I mean the Psychic window , and there is one in every home (apparently) it is usually in your living room and will be in a position that the occupants of that room can be viewed from, Spirits are not interested in television and are hidden by bright light so look in a shaded corner overlooking the seating area of the room.
To find your window choose a quiet time of the evening with your lighs low and your mind free, relax in your usual chair and use peripheral vision. you may see shadows that are not shadows of anything in the room. they may resemble faces or even places from your past. Sprits do not always talk or show themselves as you remember them but rather give you clues of things they know you will recognise, so be patient and most important.... talk softly back to them.

Georgie and I have seen various things in our window .. Georgie more than I , and whilst the images have faded somewhat since Jean has gone home to England we still look to the window and talk when we have a time of stress and take comfort from the knowledge that we are being watched over by loved ones.

:ScratchHead: Hmmm. Sounds interesting, Tam. I guess you know what I will be trying to do from now on... :grinnnn:

Would you share some of the things/people you have seen while looking out of your window?

Fat Tam:
thats just the thing you do not look out of your window. you can only look at the window. I have seen various shapes that appeared as men wearing a hat, ( my father wore a trilby type whilst Georgies father wore a flat cap) then again i was a soldier and lost a few friends here in the troubles and of course soldiers wear hats (berets and glengarry's) there have also been shadowy scenes of buildings. do not expect to see a perfect picture , though Jean is able to describe clearly what she sees, it is just like training a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it will become.

Georgie and I both acknowledge any presence we see there whether it is clear or not and will often glance in the direction of the window just to check.

There are no hard and fast rules for this but you may be surprised at what you see if you are in the correct frame of mind.. relaxed and calm, willing to accept not just willing to happen.

We have never had any messages passed to us through this , merely observed a presence when we most needed support and comfort.

Let me know how you get on.

That is fascinating. Did you recognize the men or the buildings?

--- Quote from: Fat Tam on Apr 02, 2008, 08:46:11 AM ---thats just the thing you do not look out of your window. you can only look at the window.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for clarifying that for me, Tam. I will definitely let you know how "window watching" works for me... :ThumbUp:

Yes this is quite interesting Tam.  We have another member that is quite sensitive to these kinds of things and she posted some similar advice in this topic.


I think there are lots of us that would like to be open to more things like this and with your comments and bitta's we may get there one day.  :ThumbUp:


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