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This is fascinating and seems so simple.  I am looking forward to trying this out. 

I do have a question though, since we have many kids, are the chances high that a window would more likely be in one of their rooms?  Or that we gather as a family each night in the kitchen?  Do homes have multiple windows and do they move around?

Ok so that was a lot of questions.  I have a bunch more going through my head as well but will wait for the answers.


--- Quote from: Fat Tam on Apr 02, 2008, 08:46:11 AM ---We have never had any messages passed to us through this , merely observed a presence when we most needed support and comfort.

--- End quote ---
In my first house life seemed to revolve around the kitchen.After my cat died she came to me while I was at the sink, I saw her peripherally, and knew it was her spirit visiting me.
From the spot on the counter where she was sitting you could see the whole room, where we sat to eat and watch tv.
Was that a window?

Fat Tam:
That certainly is the location a window would be Wrennie. My window is on the upper part of the wall beside the fire breast, it's not the kind of place either Georgie or I would find ourselves looking at specifically (perhaps only if there are cobwebs), but since Jean pointed the window out to us we check it out now and again. Your window can be anywhere in the house, even the kids room and I suppose it depends a lot on just how sensitive you are to these things, Georgie is much more than me, and kids are sensitive anyway as according to my sister , we are all born able to see we just lose the ability for one reason or another as we grow older. So I suppose the best advice I can give is the same as was given to me and open your mind as a child . Whilst i started this thread and knew it would bring some questions I really thought someone else would have come along and talked of their window, I assumed everyone with an interest in spirits knew about it. Then again this has to be the deepest I have delved into the subject, my knowledge comes mostly from talking to my sister and an experience I had as a youth which I will save for another thread.

How interesting. I can't wait to give it a look.

Actually, Tam, my window is in what used to be a back bedroom, but I have chairs in there now.   :yesssss:  I use it for a sitting room, and it's a place where I can go to just relax, get some quiet time or read a book.  ;) 


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