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Epiphyllum "Dutchman's Pipe"

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My Epi is 4 years old.  It didn't bloom last year because that was the year it was shipped to me.  But I'm hoping it will bloom this year.  Do you know when I should begin to see it starting to bloom?

Patty S:
What the heck is an "EPI"? :dunno:  I Googled it, & all I came up with was,

--- Quote ---"Epi" is the central flower in a wheat stalk.
--- End quote ---

Are you growing wheat? :thspeechless-vi:  Seems like it should bloom a couple months after planting!

Are you talking about epiphyllum, Duh? :grinnnn:

The common name is Dutchman's Pipe.  sorry for the confusion.  I've heard them called Epi's most of the time.  I'm hoping I have one of the white ones.  But I'd love it no matter what the color.

According to this site, it is, also, known as Queen of the Night and Night Blooming Cereus. The site, also, says it can bloom any time between mid Spring or early Fall. That is a really neat looking plant... :grinnnn:


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