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I will keep everyone posted and soon as I walk in the door and the honey do list is done I will post the pictures... or I might post the pictures then the honeydo list :ScratchHead:                         well time to get to sleep gotta be up in 6 hours  :yay_jump:

We have taken the tour, and took a lot of pictures. We are leaving on Thursday and should be home the same day to look at the photos to see what we captured. We was not able to take video,since we don't have a light on our camcorder. Soon as we get done with evaluating the pictures we will post them for everyone to enjoy, along with the history of each photo. 

Hi, Jayrod!

Hope you and Jenn are really enjoying your anniversary. :grinnnn: We will be looking forward to the pics when you get home...

Sorry for the delay on the pictures, I had to reformat the computer since we had no sound, alot of the pictures turned out kinda dark so I down loaded photo shop to lighten them up, when I get done with those I will have the wife post them on here, I did send a couple to my dad and, he lighten them up and to my suprise we did get a something on those he lightened.... thank you for being patient.

Can't wait to see some of your shots.  Remember we like to look at the photos before they are edited.  Even if they are dark, we have some programs that we can use to lighten them up also. 

Moved your pic link to the Orbs and Other Strange Photos board.,2434.0.html

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