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Branson Missiouri

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We should get lots of pictures, since we are taking 2 digital cameras and a camcorder that is able to take pictures as well, I just hope none them ghostly people take a liken to me or the wife and come home with us, sure would hate to charge them rent  :laughmao:

Patty S:
:tuschel: If you try to collect rent from them, make sure they understand that they'll hafta pay in current currency... not old confederate notes! :critic: 

OR... maybe they could just work off their debt!  Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody to do the housework & pick up after you? :Yahoo:

well our vacation has been approved at work for August or 1 year anniversary :Yahoo: and the hotel reservation has been made, we will be going on the haunted tour, I also found another place on hwy 13 <~~ hince the number :scaredy:,  near some camp grounds we are going to check out as well called haunted adventure. The tour we are going on is located in the Historic Downtown Branson, close to Branson Scenis Railway.. I was reading there was a bank robber that was ambushed and killed there, going to see if we can get picture of him or even some Evps. Soon as we get back and view the pictures we post all findings for you to view and to see if we truely got paranormal activity.

T- 2 days untill we head off to Branson :yesssss: we look forward to this vacation since working for Wal Mart is soooooooo wonderful   :rofl1: We should be back  Friday sometime  :dunno: and hopfully have the pictures up of the Ghost tour, Just wish we could actually go inside these places.

Hope you have lots of fun, Jayrod, and get lots of pictures... :grinnnn:

If the places are really spooky, you might be glad that they didn't let you go in! :giggle:


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