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Sometime tonight, the forum will be placed in maintenance mode and moved to another server by our host.  This is an effort to eliminate the downtime that we have experienced during the past month.  Please be patient during this time as you can be assured that every effort is being made to minimize the time that the forum is unavailable.

Time to make the move should be 2 hours max.

Hope the move goes well Jim.  And with any luck we will come out on the flip side and have no more problems.

UPDATE - the  server move will not happen tonight.  It will most likely take place tomorrow night (Friday).  I'll update everyone when I hear more.

We experienced some more downtime today.  My email served to remind our host of the move.  Anyway sometime late tonight you will see the board in maintenance mode.  That is the move taking place.  Some files have already been moved but the database must be taken offline in order to move it.  More info when I know more!

Hell, we may be moving host soon if this keeps up.  I'm tired of the down time and I keep getting the same answer.  The move still hasn't taken place.  Can you tell my frustration level is about to peak?  :mad2:  :Vent:  :tickedoff:


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