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With all the increased activity it's about time I addressed this topic.  Most of you have visited your profile and completed some additional information there.  There is one area that most haven't made any adjustments too.  That area is the personal message options.  From the profile menu which looks like this:

Selecting this item on the Modify Profile Menu will bring up an options screen that looks kind of like this.  The top part of the screen I cut off because it is pretty self-explanatory.  It is where you can establish an ignore list in case there are some members that keep PMing you. If you need that explained, PM me and I will do that.

This is the way the default looks.  Notice that if someone PMs you the board automatically emails you.  Please do not reply to these emails as they will go back to me instead of the person that sent the PM.

If you don't want the board to email you the PM, change the choice box to Never and be sure and check the box that says "Show a pop-up when you receive new messages?"  If you are running a pop-up blocker, you will need to allow popups from SSH.  That should be the only ones you get.  If you do get any others please let me know about it.

Be sure and click the "Change Profile" button after you make your changes in order to save them.

If you have any problems setting this up, let me or Dianna or Bonnie know and we will be glad to help you.

Sorry Jim.... I'm fixed. :-[

That's all right, Barb. He forwarded them on to me.

He really needed to address this because it would have been terrible if we had been talking about him! 

lol... that it would have.

That's quite alright Barb.  I wasn't complaining.  I just want the PMs to remain personal as they were intended.  I posted this topic after several of Dianna's PMs were emailed to members and the reply came to my email address.  I did forward them on to her.


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