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SSH will be 2 years old

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Congrats Guys! Happy Anniversary SSH!  :hb3: :hb3: :9536: :9536: :hug23-vi: Looks like time to celebrate!

My mother in law will be here visiting, so I probably won't make it. But I wanted to say congratualations, and keep on keepin' on! You are doing a great job.  There is a ton of work that goes into the upkeep of these boards, and lot's of patience and sticktoitness is required.  I for one appreciate the service you are giving to other so freely.  Thank you much, Peggy


--- Quote from: Wrennie on Jul 22, 2008, 01:37:24 PM ---I'm never on at night. :(

--- End quote ---

For those that can't be on at night, we could have a chat that morning/ early afternoon. :idea: I can be here then, but Jim will be at work. What do you think, Wrennie?

With a morning/early afternoon chat, we could possibly see some of our "across the pond" folks. How about it, John and Tam? Aren't y'all five hours ahead of the EST time? Biiata, how about you? :grinnnn:

An alternative chat earlier in the day will work fine.  I encourage everyone that can though, to attend the one in the evening.  Just like any other function, you set a time and know going into it that there are folks that won't be able to attend. 

I haven't completed the agenda yet as there are some specific topics I want to cover during the chat.  These topics will not be covered in your daytime chat. 

Our anniversary chat was a success.  Thanks go out to those that were able to stop by.  We had a total of 10 members make an appearance and had 9 in the chat room all at one time. 

We talked about some significant dates in the past and some things to think about for the future.  I will try to get some screen shots of the portal add-on I was talking about.  We will have some holiday themes this year for Halloween and Christmas.  I will have more information on that as the time draws near.  As always if the holiday theme causes you too much slow down, you will always be able to revert back to this one.

There were only a few technical problems and they were localized to individuals.  I thought the FlashChat worked rather well and enjoyed chatting with the members.  We didn't discuss it but we might want to do something like a scheduled chat each month.

I also mentioned that we could add an arcade option but we didn't discuss that at length either.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for being a part of the SSH family and making it a nice, friendly community on the internet.


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