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SSH will be 2 years old

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That time sounds pretty good since I get off work at 8 pm ( central time) but, dont know if the wife will let me on the computer since she is going to be off on that day, maybe we can trade off to where she can be on for the first hour and me the second hour. either way I will be on.

Great, I'm hoping we can get quite a few folks in the chat room.  I think the most we have had in there is 5 at a time.  Last year we had 9 members stop by so hopefully we can beat that number this year.  We didn't have FlashChat then though so we used the Spirit Lounge.

Anymore comments on the time?  Do we all agree that 9-11 PM Eastern will be the time?  You can do the conversions for you individual time zones.  I want to finalize the time so that I can send an email from the board and give everyone the opportunity to attend.

Make sure you have the most recent Adobe Flash Player installed.  If you don't have at least version 9.0 the FlashChat module will probably not work correctly.  You can go to this site and it will tell you what version you have installed: .  You may want to try the chat room before the night of the chat.

The time works for me, I just have to hope the kids cooperate!

I'm never on at night. :(


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