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Coming Soon - Blog Community (Postponed for now)

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I'm still waiting on the updated mod for the Blog Community.  The mod author is planning a release in about 2 weeks.  He has lots of improvements over what I posted earlier.  I'll try to get to his site and get some specifics today as well as an update on the features.

sorry but i dont get it. I dont get why add a blog. Isnt it just as simple to add another topic. Is there something I'm missing? Another place i go has blogs in the forum, and i just dont see why.

You are absolutely right Wrennie.  A Blog is nothing more than a presentation change.  In fact the mod that I was looking at actually uses SMFs format and just presents the data differently.  It doesn't show in the index but it's there just the same. 

Some of the members here are already using some of the topics like a blog.  Wrennie makes a good point.  Let's hear some other opinions. 

I am good either way Jim.  I like to blog and have one outside of here that I try and maintain regularly.  I would use one here I know but I am just as happy to keep up with my topic threads that I have going now for family pics, garden, and crafts.


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