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Coming Soon - Blog Community (Postponed for now)

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OK, I have installed the Blog mod.  Each member that wants to create a  Blog can do so now.  Initially I have set it so you can only have 1 Blog.  That blog will be under the gardening category.

To create your blog, click on your Profile tab.

Along the left side of the screen you will see in the Modify Profile box, a new item called Blog Control Panel

Click on Blog Control Panel

When the dialog box opens, click on the here to initialize your blog. That will open up several other options that you can set.  If you get an error, be sure and write it down and reply to this topic so I can take a look at it.

After initializing, I recommend you just accept the defaults.  You can change them later.  Near the bottom of the first page, you can click on what membergroups can view the blog.  Uncheck Guest is you don't want the Blog to be Public.  Leave Regular Members checked as that includes every member on the board.

Currently I have the setting for 1 Blog per member but you can have categories within your Blog.  For example Triss mentioned Gardening and Crafts.  You can set each of those as a Category first and then when you post topics, you can select the category and that organizes your Blog as if you actually had 2.  To make the Categories and Links appear on the blog page, you have to click the check box for those selections.

To see a list of blogs that have been created and to go directly to them just click on the Blogs tab, right beside Home.

Looks like some bugs need to be worked out. The comments won't show and it is not in the layout that it should be. Jim has been trying to get some help to figure it out... :)

I have removed the Blog mod for the time being.  The mod author suggested this as there is an update coming out within a week.  We might as well wait for the newest version and hope it fixed the one bug that we were having.  I had found where to patch the code but decided against it because of the changes on the horizon.

Sounds interesting Jim, I think it's a great idea!

Cannot wait until it is up and running!!!


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