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Investigation - Reevesville, SC (near St. George)

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Ok, I am trying to get together an investigation in St. George SC. At this time I am unable to post any information, because I am still trying to obtain permission from the owner. However I need a rough estimate of the number of people that would like to attend. It would be on the first or third Saturday in the month. I hope to have more information by next week.

Let me know if you will be interested.

EDIT:  As of 10/26/08 we have completed this investigation and the summary is here:,2358.msg56463.html#msg56463

You know Dianna and I will be there.  I want to try out my Night Shot video.  :hb3:

UNCLEG would like to attend........What month are we looking at..............G will be out of town Sept 19th to 27th on a cruise.

We will try to plan around that date because if we get to do the investigation we want as many of us to go that can. Also I believe that the 27th is our karaoke nite.

Wish I could do it... just too far and not enough $$ or leave time to get there.  :tickedoff:


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