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Investigation - Reevesville, SC (near St. George)

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Wow, it was so exciting to read about your experiences!  The photo of the master bedroom gives me a deep sense of sadness.

I'm glad you all had such a good time, and that some of you finally got to meet!

Shaman, good to see you! :wavey: Hope everything is well in your neck of the woods...

Jim is working on the EVPs that I tried to get in the master bedroom and in the playroom. He is very frustrated with the program he is working with, but I am sure he will get it working before long... :grinnnn:

I still haven't figured out what is being said but you can hear Dianna ask a question and then a faint answer.  I'll attach the wave file and you can tell me what you hear.

<EDIT> Removed the attached wav file till we can get a clip that you can hear </EDIT>

I listened but i can't make it out.

OK, I downloaded it here at work and I can't hear anything there either.  I cleaned it up with Adobe Audition and you can hear it pretty good there.  I'll bring the file down with me this weekend and we can analyze it there.  Until we get something that you can hear I will delete the file that I had attached to the previous post.  If we get one that others can hear I will attach it to another post.


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