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SMF Arcade - Now E-Arcade!

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 :yay_jump:  :banana02:  :hb3: SMF Arcade E- Arcade is installed and working.  Click on the Arcade tab on the Main Menu bar.  Let me know if you have any problems.  Use this topic to tell me about games that don't work or any errors that you get while trying to play the arcade.


I kept getting the old "You have not installed Adobe Flash Player, you need install it before you can play, you also need to have javascript enabled. Install" message on a lot of the games that I wanted to play. Jim told me that that is an intermittent problem with IE. If you want to play the game and have adobe flash player installed already, just click the back arrow, click on the game again, and it should show up... :grinnnn:

Jim said he hasn't had any problems with Firefox and the games... ::)

Yes, this is definitely a problem with IE.  If you are using any other browser, you probably won't have any problems.  I have had absolutely no problems with FF. 

In Otello, if you actually win the game, you don't get the option to submit your score. I know this is something you probably can't do anything about, but thought it would be a tidbit of knowledge that others would like to have.

I just played the game and of course I didn't win.  I got the big box that said "You Lose" with a little word 'submit' under it.  Of course I didn't win, but your high score was saved.


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