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One of the capabilities of the arcade that we haven't used is the "topic" per game.  When I install a new game, the system would automatically create a new topic in a designated board for that game.  That topic would be the place to ask specific questions about that game, boast about how good you are, challenge others, and a place to post any hints on how to play the game.

Here's your chance to help me decide on whether you think this would be something you would use.  Be sure and vote.  This poll will run for 10 days.

I do not know that I would use that on one hand but on the other, game helps would be cool like for that Sk8ter game.  I just added the hint in my comment though.  Not sure if anyone saw it or not.

49 views and 1 member voted.  I guess this is a non-issue.  Sure hope we get a better voter turn-out in November!  :tapfoot1:

 :razberry: Has it been 10 days yet? :giggle:

I've been boasting on the game boards... :rofl1:

I voted... :ThumbUp:


Hey! I voted FIRST.

 :laughmao: :laughmao: :laughmao: :laughmao:


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