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News - Dilber MC theme will be our default

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You should be seeing the new default theme for SSH.  I picked this theme because of it's professional look and the ease of modifying the colors for the different seasons.  I had to do some manual edits to get it all working and I have been testing it for about a month now and everything seems to be working.

One thing that I never did work out was the chat window.  It opens the chat in the forum but not in a new window.  If you want to have a window open in the forum as well as chat you will need to open a second window for the forum just like we had to do with the Halloween theme.

Be sure and let me know what you think of this theme and especially if you have any problems with things not working.

Looks like I had a bad file for the Happy Thanksgiving that I was trying to put up.  It worked in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer.  I did some experimenting and found that the gif file was corrupted.  Changed it out and it seems to be working.

This looks really nice!  I love the background and brown shading.  Great work Jim!

Looking good.  Where ever do you find the time for all this stuff??

I love it, Jim. The turkey is great!  :yay_jump:


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