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It is quite strange that no one has said anything about Rose Hill having ghosts and sometimes at night the old dinner bell rings by it's self at night when the wind isn't blowing or someone looking out the upstairs window if you don't have the power of sight you can feel other beings there which it is very strong and it's grave yard just down the road from it has it's ghosts and again their presents can be seen at night or their presents their and can be felt really strong at night and can be felt during the day.

Sounds interesting enough.  Where exactly is Rose Hill?  Sometimes we take for granted that others know about places that may have paranormal activity.  It isn't something that normally comes up in daily conversation.  I would love to hear more about Rose Hill. It really sounds like an interesting place. 

It's like 11 miles from the mini mark at the interstation of Sardis Rd and 176 bypass on Union SC. It's called the Rose Hill Plantion, don't forget to visit the family cemtary. You will cross over rhe Cry Baby bridge at bottom (at has a baby crying and the mom looking.... look for more information on here ) of the hill leading up to the plation. Night is the best time to go. The Plation closes at either 5 or 6 for the winter hours.

I worked with a guy ,Mark Blackwood. This mans wife worked for the plantation at Rose Hill State Park that provided them housing, where they lived. Mark killed his wife and himself behind the manson in a wooded area. Think this happened in june of 2005, can't find any info on the murder, suicide from the net.This place is not only haunted, its cursed, just like the lake where Susan Smith killed her children at John D Long lake.

Well it's good to hear a bit more about Rose Hill Plantation.  I did Google it after you posted a bit more and saw some of the info you mentioned.  Sounds like an interesting place.  It was also mentioned in the Shadowlands Haunted Places list.

 :Wow: Tami, that's terrible.  Maybe we want to stay away from there!


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