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Ok- first off- I have not seen this, but while he was telling me about it, another customer came in and confirmed that she had seen it, so I am hoping to get to see it as well!

OK- our local convenient store is owned by a man named Donnie. He has had an infrared security system in place for about 3 years and never saw anything out of the ordinary until February 29, 2008(Leap Year) at about 9:30. At that time he saw what appeared to be heat escaping from his wood heater in the basement/downstairs room(I am not sure if he has a basement :ScratchHead: ) He went down expecting that the pipe had come loose or the basement was on fire because he saw this "ball of heat" on his monitor. Nothing wrong with the heater, no fire.... He went back upstairs and looked and it came back again in a few minutes. This time he said it was like the whole room was filled with "balls of light" that looked(to the system) to be giving off heat. He didn't give it any more thought and went to bed thinking there was something wrong withthe system.
Now it happens all the time. He says the "orbs"(as he calls them) come in all sizes, colors, and sometimes shapes. He says that some are stuck together, some look like they are filled with diamonds, some look like they are filled with fairies(I don't know what he means by that) but that they are interacting with him. He can see them in the screens using the infrared, and sometimes see them with his naked eye. He (and the other girl mentioned above) say they crowd around like they are inspecting you. CLOSELY inspecting you. He has even had one pass through his arm. He says it left a small red line mark on his arm where it happened. It didn't hurt(when it happened or the mark), but the mark was there for several days. Sometimes some of the smaller ones are "stuck together" and look like they are trying to pull apart and sometimes when they are stuck together they look like a newlywed couple, happy to be there. They pass through people from time to time and he says(not sure if I believe this one or not) that he has had people be healed by them passing through the person in the body part afflicted.  :thspeechless-vi:

He has called several people/places to try to get someone to come look and bring their equipment out to see these orbs and noone is taking him seriously. He even called Sylvia Browne and she told him they were aliens.  :rolleyes1: Would you guys be interested in bringing your equipment? I am sure I have forgotten to put something in here, but if you need any more info- let me know!

I wanna investigate Donnie's anomalies! I will have to talk it over with Aunt Bonnie and Jim first, though. I know that they both will say it will have to be after the first of the year though, because of the holidays. Very interesting... :o

He gave me his cell number if you want to call him and discuss it, Dianna! He says that now they are starting to "fiddle"(his term) with things. He has some sort of "blower" and they are taking it apart. He puts it back together and they take it apart again :giggle: Nothing harmful, just a playful type thing. I wanna gfo with you- the store is only about 3 miles from my house! :ThumbUp:

Sounds like something we would definitely be interested in. 

Has he tried to take any pictures of these "orbs"?  PM me the address and we will take a look at Mapquest and see when we might be able to get there.  Is there a time that is good or not good with him?

He is not picky about when you come. He is such a nice guy!

No pics- I don't think he has a digital camera. I am trying to talk Doug into letting me go see it this week. If I can convince him- I will take my camera and get pics :ThumbUp:

Sending PM now! :ThumbUp:


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