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News - Southern Spirit Hunters now has a logo

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We have been talking about trying to come up with a logo for Southern Spirit Hunters.  I tried with a few ideas from Triss, but could never come up with something unique and interesting.  I'm kind of shy on creative talent.  Anyway, I'm a member of a number of forums and on one of them they had a graphic request section.  I decided to post a request and see if anyone wanted to take a shot at it. 

Several folks responded with most of the comments about designing a logo being geared toward use on the forum.  When they came to see what our colors were, of course they saw the Christmas decor.  I decided that what we need right now is a logo keeping with the initial concept that Southern Spirit Hunters was born for and that is paranormal investigation.  With that thought in mind, I decided that a graphic that is 300 x 300 would be about right.  That makes it about 3 inches.  For the colors, I picked black, gray, and white.  I know, not very colorful but will look good on a black t-shirt or jacket, etc. 

Here is the result. 

I think this is version 5a so we went through several iterations to get this.  Adding the ghost, changing the font, etc.  I haven't decided if I will use it in the header area of the forum yet.  It would take the place of the ghost chasing man that we had most of last year.

This logo was created by FullMetalBabe and these are links to her websites:

Pisoga Forums-Anime Community
Pisoga Update-Updates on anime and more for Pisoga


It turned out really good!  A great new logo for a new year.

Yes, ok I've got a project for anyone that is graphic inclined.  I plan on using the logo as is at the top right of the screen.  I'ts actually pretty easy with this theme.  Anyway, here is an idea I've been kicking around.

If you notice the logo is strictly paranormal related.  I did that because the logo will be used during our paranormal investigations and I wasn't sure folks would take us seriously if there was a mention of gardening in the logo.  Another reason was that I ran into a creative block at how to convey any graphic idea that married the two.

Here's what I would like to do.  At the top of the forum where we have Southern Spirit Hunters now I want to change it to something like this:

Southern Spirit Hunters
& Gardening

Southern Spirit Hunters

Here are the boundaries.  The entire text area must be 620 wide x 278 high in pixels.  If anyone would like to submit a banner to be used at the top of the forum, I prefer png format with a transparent background.  I've been working on one but haven't got anything finished.

I love the logo, when I saw it a couple days ago!


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