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SSH Investigation team heads to North Carolina

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We will be taking a small team to Ash, NC to investigate Tonya's friend, Donnie's house.  You can read the initial post by Tonya here.

Currently planning on leaving here on Tuesday, mid-morning and contacting Tonya when we arrive in Ash about middle of the afternoon.  We will visit a bit, then head over to Donnie's to set up some equipment. 

We will use this topic to report on the investigation when we return.

:Glee: I can't wait!!!!

Ohhh man, it is times like these that I wish I lived closer.  You all are going to have a blast not only visiting but investigating as well.

I spoke with Tonya today and I think she is about as excited as I am... :giggle:

I can't wait to meet her and go on the investigation! :grinnnn:

I wish i was closer too!!!

Good luck you guys!!


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