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SSH Investigation team heads to North Carolina

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Good luck over there.

Wish I could witness the investigation, maybe someday.

Drive safe, have fun and happy hunting!

Well- Jim, Dianna, and Bonnie made it here safely! They should be about home now! We had a great time chatting and investigating :BigGrin: I will post pics tomorrow- I stole the computer while Doug is making a sandwich. I am off to bed for a few winks before time to get moving again! :ThumbUp:

I am going to post the only pic I have(for now) that show anything...I'll leave the explaining to Jim, Dianna, and Bonnie! :ThumbUp:
I am trying to look at these to see what I can figure out, but you guys take a look!

White orb in upper left of pic, also a small speck on top right panel of garage door. I need to go back and read, but I thought that dust you can see through.... :dunno:

I am still looking at the others....
I jumped over to Jim's topic on Orbs or Dust and may have just ruled this one out.... need to see what color it is...

Still really too soon for any conclusions of any magnitude but I looked at about 30 minutes of the video last night when we got home.  The first time through I didn't see anything at all on the video.  That was just hooking it to the TV and letting it play.  I'll get it pulled into the computer and can analyze if a bit closer.

I didn't look at the first disc we filled up which was just random.  Recharging the camera battery so may look at it later tonight.

Nice orb Tonya.  I'll download and play with it a bit later.


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