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good feeling

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There is definitely a wonderful positive warm vibe around this forum!

I have just been meeting where people have met up with eachother - awesome stuff!  and it is wonderful to put the faces to the names.

One day, when I launch myself from Tokyo (which is surprisingly regular) across the Pacific duck pond, I would love to meet y'all.

From your fallen friend in Tokyo :)

Thank you, Damien! It is easy to have that positive warm vibe with members that care about each other and respect each other's feelings. It is thanks to all of you that make the forum what it is... :grinnnn:

Every time I read your posts and see "fallen", I am wondering if I posted in my sleep. My aunt (Bonnie) introduces me as "Fallen" when we do our bi-weekly karaoke job as "The Fallen Angels". She thinks she is the Angel part of our duo... :rofl1:

awww you are both Angels!

I should tell why I have name 'fallen'

Thanks, Damien.  Our members are part of our extended family.  We try to make the forum a safe and friendly place where we can share our everyday lives.  Triss even wrote a wonderful essay in one of her classes that really captures the essence of what we are trying to do with the forum.  If you haven't read it, it is definitely worth taking a look at.  Here is the link:,2557.msg56751.html#msg56751

(note to guest - in order to read the essay you will have to register and become a member!)

Awws thanks Jim.   :Blush:

I would really like to hear how about the name as well Damien.


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