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News - Server memory upgrade


I received an email from our host today stating that they had noticed some lag on the sites.  All I had noticed was that several times in the last week I got an error in the log that indicates that SMF was not able to connect to the database.

Anyway, to fix the problem, 1 GB of ram will be added to the server.  Afterwards it will have to be rebooted and chkdsk run.  Total down time will be about 30 minutes.  It should occur sometime between 11:00PM and 1:00PM EST.  If you try to access the forum during that time and get an error message that is the reason.

We shouldn't be gone for long and when we get back hopefully the issues will be resolved.

hehehe I got the same email - I think we have the same host

Yep, I believe that is how you found us the last time.  You followed the link over from our host's board.  We are still with

They are incredible hosts, aren't they?

Yep, we were having some downtime quite regularly and Christian moved us to this new server and things have been great ever since. 


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