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Where can I find a video cam with night shot?

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Can someone tell me where i can find a night vision camcorder for doing investigations and ghost hunts by chance i cant seem to find any that is reasonable priced anywhere

I have absolutely no idea on that one.  I know my digital camera has night shot but I have never tried video at night or if it even has that capability.

I do know Wal Mart dont carry them anymore but, you might try a spystore.... or do a google search. But, be prepared to spend a few bucks.

spystore they want to much for a nightvision camera i wanted to buy one when i seen the priced i am not i am not going to send that kind of money.i would try like ebay they have some good gear at reasonable price before i make a bid on make sure you check the description to see if everything comes with it.If it doesnt come with everything i would bother to bid on some of the parts that don't come with it are so expensive to buy or not sure if the stores carry that model of a camera items that are missing.

Try EBay. You might get lucky.


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