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Help - BB codes explained


I've had several members ask some questions about using the BB codes while posting or replying.  Here is a link that list all the codes that are available for use on this forum.  Additionally it gives some very comprehensive examples.  You might even want to print it out.

Below is an example of creating a multicolor list:

* Jim
* Dianna
* Bonnie
Here is what the BB codeing looks like:

--- Code: ---[list]
--- End code ---

You can nest the codes but you have to make sure you are nesting compatible codes and in the proper order.  With our example the color has to come after the list code because the bullet defaults to the color of black.  If you put the color tags outside the list tags, you would get black bullets and the names would be black.

The best thing is to experiment and be sure and preview your post before you post it.

You can also find some detailed information on posting as well as the complete list of BB codes by clicking the help tab in the menu bar.


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