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Heart Attack Grill

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Chris (jrdep169) sent this to me and I just had to share it with everyone.  It's not current news but is definitely newsy!  This is definitely a novel idea and something completely different. 

A Meal To Die For

Would you eat there?

I enjoy a good burger once in a while too but even those look to be a bit in excess.

I couldn't eat a double much less a quadruple! They do look good though!

Oh!  And where are the hunky male nurses????

Well I didn't see any male nurses, but the owner was about to get into trouble for calling them nurses.  Seems the Arizona Nurses group took offense.  Dateline even did a story on that. 

Heart Attack Grill on Dateline

8,000 CALORIES.  That's like my whole day worth of food.  I wouldn't finish the first level....ew..."You got one life, enjoy it"? What's there to enjoy...fat gobbling down your throat?  Seriously...?  The end was funny :P  "I think my hearts on this side..".



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