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Heart Attack Grill

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This is quite funny. I may look this place up on my travels someday. Tempe isn't that far away from me. I enjoy a good burger now and then but wouldn't attempt a triple or a quad. I only eat between 1000-1500 calories a day. Most days.
California has so many laws regarding food and health issues now in our restaurants. I no longer eat Fench fries because of the aftertaste the 'healthy' oil has. Nor anything else fried here. I fry my own when I get a real craving.
I really dislike having my choices monitored by the government. I want to be free to choose my healthy food. Or occasional splurge into the unhealthy, tasty stuff.

What is going to shut that place down is a law suit brought by a customer.  Remember when the mother of an obese teen sued McDonald's because she said her son became obese eating there.  He at there 3 times a day while she worked for I don't remember how long.  And the person who sued somewhere because the coffee burned them when they spilled it on their lap.  Someone's going to have a heart attack then say they didn't see the sign that said it wasn't a real medical establishment and they didn't realize that 8 patties of beef had cholesterol and on and on.

I can't remember where I was the other day but I noticed that NOT adults but the kids are getting soooo fat.  Blubbery fat - all ages.  It's so sad.

Kids and blubbery fat are the fault of parents. Working  so hard they don't have the time or energy to attend to their kids individual needs.  It is a sad merry-go-round. Earning the money for the electronic babysitters that help turn kids into couch potatoes. A lot of fast food or convenience foods without thought to total nutrition. Education systems that don't have time between tests to teach health and nutrition so the next generation will be floundering also.
Mac Donald's was around all of my life. It was born in  my home town before it went nationwide. But it was a twice a year treat not a weekly or more thing. It is a sad state of affairs but government intervention is not the answer, I don't think.

I agree about government intervention.  Was that was only because of the nurse thing though and not the fat content?  And I'm not offended about the nurse part of it.

I love how the nurse was dancing for the customers at 3:19 :P


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