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Carnivorous Plants, anyone?

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plants n pots:
I've never grown any carnivorous plants successfully before... well...
I've really only tried Venus Fly Trap twice for very brief times.

So, Diane, aka Angelblossom, very generously sent me a GORGEOUS pitcher plant last week, chock full with numerous hanging healthy pitchers!!!

Isn't it fantastic???!!!
She had given this plant to her neighbor, but this neighbor is moving to Hawaii and gave it back to her - HOW LUCKY AM I???
This is a "baby" from Diane's mother plant - she surely knows what she's doing with it!!!

The neighbor had been growing it in her master bathroom.  I found a pot that matches the kids' bathroom yesterday, and it's now hanging in there by the window.  I'm not sure it will get enough light - I'll have to keep an eye on it, but I know for sure that it will get humidity, as no matter how many times we tell Amy to open the window a bit when she showers, she does not!

Don't you just love the colors of this plant???

Two years ago, I had gotten some carnivorous cuttings for Brian in a plant swap, for part of his college graduation gift, along with the best book for these plants - The Savage Garden, by Peter D'Amato.  Well... he's really not a plant person and they quickly died, but he still has the book - 4 hour's drive from me!!! :-\  I did a google search on the book, and found out that the author has a store in California - California Carnivores. ;D  They have a terrific website, and I emailed them some questions, including the first picture of my new plant.  I was very pleased and surprised when the author, himself, emailed me back!!! He gave me some great info and was quite nice.

I'm posting a link to the slideshow on his website - if you've never seen pitcher plants before, or if you want to see some amazing plants, click here...

Anyone else grow these fascinating plants?

Patty S:
Lynne, I LOVE that plant!   I can't keep stuff like that alive!  I've had those Venus Fly Traps that they sell at Walmart, but they never live past about 4 flys.  

I think I read somewhere recently that they should be outside, so maybe I've been doing it wrong.    What are you feeding that thing?

That is a beautiful plant, Lynne! So different from the regular "run-of-the-mill" plants...

You are very lucky to get that from Diane. That was so sweet of her to send it to you...

I watched the video, too. It was amazing! I can't believe all the plants he had potted up in kiddie pools. That is a great idea. You could move the pool in and out of the shade as needed...

Beautiful plant, Lynne. If you ever want to get rid of it, you know my address!  ;D

Lynne Diane also gave me my first Pitcher Plant I now have two hanging on my porch when it is overcast and or raining I hang them  on a J hook so they can get plenty of water. Make sure they only get Rain or distilled water. Diane and I both feed ours Crickets and meal worms in the winter when they are in the house rest of the time they will catch their own bugs. Last year I saw some paper wasp go into one of mine and not come out plant is very healthy. My pitchers dried upon mine and now they are making new pitchers. Main thing outsiode of watering Ignore them that is what Diane and I both do. Good luck,

That plant is sooo pretty! I love the colors on it. They blend sooo well together.


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