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Going back to Branson Missouri

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The wife and I are going back to Branson, Missouri at the end of July. We will be taking the ghost hunt tour again that way we can take better pictures since the wife got a better camera and also going to take a recorder with us to see if we can get any evps while we are taking pictures. I hope we can better pictures this time than we did last year.

It will be neat to see the difference in your pictures.

Have a great time and take lots of pics too.

And this time you know from your previous shots where the "hot" spots might be.

We got back from Branson friday night around 11:30 p.m. We did take alot of pictures and will be posting them in the forum. They did change up the tour route since last year, we did visit a few new spots and a few old spots. It might take a few days to post the pictures since we a re going to move into our first mobile home we are buying so things around here are going to be kinda hectic  :thpullhairout: and my daughter is going to be living with us as well  :Glee: Please bare with us on the photos postings.


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