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I sent out an email from the forum last night.  If you didn't get it, please check your junk mail and insure that emails from the forum are not sent to Bulk or Junk.  Some web-based email clients are bad about automatically sending things like that to Junk/Bulk. 

If you email client sends the emails from the board to Junk/Bulk and you forget your password, the reminder email that the board sends will also go there.

If you have the board set to email you when replies are posted to topics, or pms, again they will end up in the Junk/Bulk mail folder if you do not set your email client to put those in your Inbox.

The board is sending out the emails correctly.  From last nights mailing I received 2 bounces.  I know the story on both of them.  When the forum was hosted with Xsorbit, I was never notified if anything bounced because the emails actually are sent out at the server level.

Periodically I will mass email the members so it is very important that we work together to make sure you can be contacted by email.  Mostly it will be to mark some significant event, or to inform those that haven't been by for some time of changes that have taken place, etc.

OK, I received it and read every word. But I can't say i understood every word.
What is a favicon? Do I NEED to see it?
And an internet spider? Do I WANT to see it?
A bot sounds interesting though.


--- Quote from: Tina on Apr 16, 2007, 11:05:22 PM ---What is a favicon? Do I NEED to see it?

--- End quote ---

Good question.  It's short for "favorites icon" and is an icon associated with a specific website.  You should see it in your browser address window.

That's Ghostie.

--- Quote ---And an internet spider? Do I WANT to see it?
A bot sounds interesting though.

--- End quote ---

The spiders we are talking about here are Google, Yahoo, etc.  These are indexing spiders that crawl webpages and index changes.  They are why you can Google something and get thousands of hits. 

So yeah, we need to know that.  There are some nasty spiders and bots out there too that download pictures, files, harvest email addresses, etc.  We need to know about those too and how to stop them.

ok, I may sound stupid here... I do not have the email. I don't have a place where "junk mail" goes. I have no rules or anything set up. I generally just go through my emails every day. I am using outlook express if that makes a difference..

Hmmm, when we moved the forum did you get the email then or just go to the other site and see the new URL there?

I get bounces when the address does now where I didn't with the other system.  Make sure you address is correct in your profile and I will try to send another one from the board.


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