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As a few of you know sometimes strange things happen at my house off and on.......well this last Friday afternoon/night  someone else got a taste of it first hand.  I had a house guest Friday night an old friend from college.  Anyway we were out on front porch trying to grill steaks in a Thunderstorm :badmood:( stupid I know) anyway we turn just in time to see both of the French doors in my kitchen open all the way by themselves ( something used to happen quite often) anyway if it had just been the one door I would say we had not closed it well, but it was both, the latch pins on the stationary door were all the way down at top and all the way up at bottom.  Kinda freaked my friend out a bit, but I was happy for someone else to see it happen, actually it was first time I have seen it happen, usually happens when I'm asleep or not home.



Sounds like you had more guests than you expected, G! :laugh1: Hope you had enough steak to share...

Have you tried recording with a digital voice recorder to try to capture EVPs? I would be snapping pictures left and right... :grinnnn:

How old is your house G?  Interesting!  Maybe we should plan an outing at your house next time! ;)

The House is new construction, it will be 7 years old this February, so I think I may have brought something in, this stuff started about 1 year after I moved in.  Yeah I would like to have have an investigation done, but not before I get my garage cleaned,  maybe this fall when everyones summer schedules are slowing down.


Oh wow, i agree, sounds like you have some extra guests.

I'd love to hear how an investigation would turn out.


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