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As I am sure everyone is noticing, there are some new avatars on the forum. I have been having a blast playing with a program that Jim found. :giggle: For all of those that don't have an avatar already, be alert. I am working my way through the member list. I may have you in my sights. :BigGrin:

For those of you that do have an avatar, but would like one created especially for you, pm me. I will be happy to oblige as time permits... :grinnnn:

Oh how cool,,,gotta check these out!

I like your window washer, Penny. It is so you.

I have looked all around that program to find some windows for you to scrub, Penny. :giggle: I could create a little person for you without the windows, if you are willing to give them up... :grinnnn:

Dianna, I love mine. Thank you!   


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