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--- Quote from: Dianna on Sep 05, 2009, 05:27:04 PM ---I have looked all around that program to find some windows for you to scrub, Penny. :giggle: I could create a little person for you without the windows, if you are willing to give them up... :grinnnn:

--- End quote ---

I need my windows................ :laughmao: :laughmao:

I think my new self is so cute I keep posting to see me.

Very cool!  I love it!

I love mine too. The beach babe... lol.  Can you believe I haven't made it to the beach even one time this summer. That's sad considering the closet one is only 1/2 hr from my house.

If all of the cars would get out of my way, I could get to the beach in about an hour. I checked out Pogo. I am tina55jonni there. I haven't been in forever. It has changed.


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