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Jim and I bought a couple of metal cases for our equipment when they were down here this weekend.
He is going to fix his up all nice and neat and then I'm sure he will post a picture. I opened mine up and through the stuff in. Now we need to go somewhere to use them.


Now that I have my new camera, I can get started trying to fit everything in the case.  Once I get it layed out it's just a matter of pinching out the foam in the correct shape so the items fit down inside.  I hope I can fit everything in there.  This camera is quite a bit bigger, but I'm sure I can make it fit.

We'll work in yours if you want when I get mine done.

Now that sounds real good.

Thanks, Bonnie

 :Whis: :Whis: Well look at that still no picture ???  :tapfoot1: I have been waiting for months to see all the little gadgets  :grinnnn:

Ah, well  :Blush: I guess i kind of put this project on the back burner.  It ended up like my ham shack.  During the summer around here, it's garden and mow grass, then mow grass and garden.  I hope to get back to something else real soon and now that I know you are waiting so patiently to see it, I'll move it right to the top of the list.  :critic:


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