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 :laughmao: I totally understand!!  :ThumbUp: Summer is always so crazy with me too!!
I really do wanna see though!!  :grinnnn:

Well I got the equipment case out today and layed out the equipment.  Not sure that's the way I want to put it in there yet.  Of course no room for the cameras but we have individual cases just for them.  I imagine you recognize most everything except the 2 items at the bottom of the picture.  Those are EMF detectors.  They use colored LEDs to indicate the presence of electromagnetic fields.

I'm not sure if I will do it exactly this way because the last time we were out we realized that the small infrared thermometer does not have a light to illuminate the reading, so we may end up getting another one like the gun shaped one.  So far we haven't had call to use the 2-way radios either.

It looks like I will still have to take another bag with all the spare batteries, tapes, flashlights, etc.

Very cool!!! If I ever get down there, can we go out and use the equipment?? I so want to be a member of a ghost hunting team!!! I'd have to carry a bag for extra clothes, tho! :Blush:

 :Wow: :Wow: That is wicked Cool Jim Thanks :clap:
What is the gadget attached to the EVP? I don't think I have seen one of those?

Where exactly do you find all this stuff?  I would imagine you could store all sorts of stuff in there.. And take only what you would need for a particular trip.


--- Quote from: Rita on Oct 21, 2007, 09:01:53 AM --- What is the gadget attached to the EVP? I don't think I have seen one of those?

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure what you are calling the EVP.  There are 2 EMF detectors.

You can find this equipment on the net as well as in some tool supply places.  The IR thermometer came from a place called Harbor Freight Tools.  There are a number of places on the internet that specializes in ghost hunting equipment.


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